20 Year Reunion Survey

We'd love to get your feedback on our recent 20 year reunion. Even if you didn't attend the reunion, please take a minute to fill it out so we have your input for planning our next reunion. Your answers will remain anonymous so please give us your honest feedback.


Thanks in advance.

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1)   Give us your feedback at the venue. 1 - didn't like Hhffrrrggh's at all to 5 - thought it was the perfect location for our event.

  1 - didn't like
  5 - loved it
2)   Would you prefer we have our next reunion in 5 or 10 years.

3)   Did you enjoy seeing the teachers? Are there other teacher you'd want us to invite to the next reunion? If so, who?

4)   Give us your thoughts on the entertainment.

  DJ is good
  I prefer a live band
  Music isn't needed, we just want to talk
5)   Should we keep the Class of '93 website up?

Yes No
6)   For our next reunion would you prefer a casual meal of appetizers or a more formal sit down dinner?

  Casual, appetizers, etc.
  Formal, sit down
7)   Do you have any suggestions or other feedback for the committee?